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Brass Rats

Catch Brass on his new journey of wonders and how he helps us understand worldly problems in a fun way.

“The talk”
“The talk”

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If you want to see what MITCNC has been up to, catch us up on our archived videos containing events from the MIT Club of Northern California. Not only that, we have videos on your favorite topics to give you an inside from our experts!

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MIT Club of Northern California offers a rich and diverse range of programming tracks. All of its programs
are initiated and run by Club volunteers who have a deep personal interest in each specific area.


The MIT Club of Northern California is the regional club for MIT alumni in Northern California. The mission of the club is to further the well-being of local MIT alumni by connecting them with each other and by fostering a continuing relationship with MIT.

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We bring together MIT alums who are at the forefront of solving world’s most challenging problems through creative applications of technologies۔

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MIT Catalysts

MIT Catalysts is a podcast series by the MIT Club of Northern California. Host Julia Yoo interviews MIT alumni, faculty and affiliates who are movers and shakers in the Bay Area.

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  • MIT Catalysts

    Stephanie Sonnabend

    April, 15 2021
  • MIT Catalysts

    Sudeb Dalai (follow-up)

    February, 26 2021
  • MIT Catalysts

    Amrita Saigal and Arun Saigal

    January, 26 2021
  • MIT Catalysts

    Sun Yoo

    November, 25 2020

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